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China high quality Double Pitch Conveyor Chains Attachments WA-1 WA-2 WK-1 WK-2 near me manufacturer

Double Pitch Conveyor Chains Attachments WA-1 WA-2 WK-1 WK-2

Double Pitch Conveyor Chain Attachment is similar to standard ANSI roller chains except that they are longer and have a double pitch. A wide range of attachments can be combined with standard double pitch conveyor chains. Ever power manufactures double-pitch chains attachments as well as double-pitch chains with different pitch levels.

Double pitch conveyor chains are designed for light to medium duty material handling. They have longer plates and meet the same standard specifications as a standard roller chain, but are suited for less demanding applications.

Specifications of Double Pitch Conveyor Chains Attachments

Sprockets for Double Pitch Conveyor Chains

Sprockets for double pitch conveyor chains are standard issues in many manufacturing operations. These sprockets are designed with a greater number of teeth and provide better wear life than single pitch sprockets. Double pitch sprockets come in a single or double toothed design. Double pitch conveyor chains have a wider chain pitch and are used for applications that require precise positioning.

The sprockets for double pitch conveyor chains are made from flame-cut steel and are precision machined. They are available in 2 types: A Type and B Type. The B Type is less expensive and uses a single hub, while the C Type has two.

Double pitch roller chains are similar to single pitch chains, except that their link plates are wider than normal. This reduces the weight of the chain, making it suitable for power transmission applications. Double pitch roller chains also include transport rollers which reduce the friction and tensile forces during the transport process.

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